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Multidisciplinary Law Firm

We are a multidisciplinary law firm that’s directed by attorney Sergio Garcia Valenta, a Law Graduate from the University of La Laguna who also has a Master’s Degree in Legal Practice from the University of Granada.

Valenta Lawyers collaborates with a diversity of lawyers who reside in both Tenerife and Spain.

The way we work consists of arranging an office appointment for the purpose of resolving conflicts, and performing legal studies to determine the viability of potential solutions to problems in question.

Legal Areas Of Practice:​

Debt Collection

If you are owed money, we process the claims and amount owed to you.


We process all types of legal procedures for expats and foreigners. 

General Claims

We draft various legal documents for all types of claims.

Real Estate & Due Diligence

We provide legal and tax advice and we will guide you through all procedures when purchasing or selling Real Estate.

Administrative Sanctions

We produce formal official impositions of discharges, penalties and fines as responses to various violations committed.

Criminal Procedures

We assume both the defendants’ and plaintiffs’ claims for all types of criminal proceedings.


We aid individuals dealing with with freedom restraints that are imposed by law officials.

Family Law

We deal with proceedings relating to divorce, legal separation, child custody, property rights, pensions, etc…

Unfair Contract Terms

We support clients dealing with unjust ground clauses, mortgage expense claims, etc…

Law Work Experience

Civil Law

Criminal Law

Labour Law

Immigration Law

Looking For A Reliable & Dedicated Lawyer?

Looking For A Reliable & Dedicated Lawyer?

Legal Procedures

Like many lawyers, our purpose is to assist as well as assess and represent the defense of your rights and interests up front to public organisations and the rest of people and private entities.


We Listen To Your Issues


We Analyse Your Case

We evaluate the procedures that may be within your interest after we received the information you’ve provided for your case.


We Offer You Solutions

We inform you about the various options and steps available to solve your legal issues, and proceed with the decisions you’d take.


We Start Working With You

We ask for all requirements necessary to get your legal issues resolved once the strategy proposed by us is accepted.


Present Us Your Allegations

We prepare the claims, citations, or lawsuits necessary once your documents are analysed.


We Defend Your Interests

We support you throughout the entire duration of the judicial process until your issue is resolved.

What Our Clients Say About Services!

Ehab Louis
Ehab Louis
6 April 2023
Hello everyone. It was a great experience and i really highly recommend it. I can say that Sergio he is one of the best English lawyer that you can find on the island
Terry Heavey
Terry Heavey
7 March 2023
I found Sergio very professional and knowledgeable, he explained everything in detail! As I don’t speak Spanish he carried out our meetings in English and translated for me when necessary! I found our meetings relaxed and friendly.
Katharina William
Katharina William
2 March 2023
Sergio has helped us through a mutual divorce and the renewal of a Residencia. In both cases he explained all legal matters clearly and told us exactly what was needed and what boundaries are. He is professional, easy to contact and speaks perfect English which was important to us. Unlike other gestors I met before, I always had the feeling I could trust his words and get the absolute correct information.
Vicky Pillow
Vicky Pillow
18 April 2022
I can’t speak highly enough about Sergio. He helped me navigate through a difficult separation involving 2 children. He speaks perfect English, has a kind and gentle manner and is extremely knowledgeable. He explains legal facts in a clear, concise way and I found him to be professional and available whenever I needed to speak to him. He helped me 2 years ago and have just recommended him to a friend, which reminded me to write a review. Highly recommend.
4 October 2021
As a non-spanish citizen, living in the UK, I decided to buy an apartment in Tenerife. It was a pretty long and complicated ordeal, for multiple reasons, communication with the seller wasn't straightforward, the apartment wasn't "clean", and the bank took it's sweet time with the mortgage. I consider myself extremely luck, that I asked Sergio to represent me in this process, and help guide, hasten and manage everything. Right in the beginning he highlighted some issues with the legal status of the apartment that the sellers had to resolve before we continued. He wrote the conditional buying contract, made sure that the deposit was payed in a way, that it'll be returned double if the seller couldn't fulfill his part of the agreement, he also wrote it in a way, that allowed a time buffer in case the promises of the bank are empty (which turned out to be the case). He translated and explained all the documents (notary, purchase, mortgage) I was in Tenerife only for a few days at the start of the process, but didn't have to go back afterwards. Sergio managed and resolved everything in a way that didn't require me to travel there in person. After the purchase happened, Sergio managed the reports, taxes, utility subscriptions, etc (as part of his "package" for no extra charge). Bottom line: It's pretty complicated to buy an apartment. It's even more complicated to buy it while you're not physically present, in a country where you don't speak the language, and don't know the customs. If it wasn't for Sergio I'm sure that I would have lost a bunch a money on the process, and there's also a good chance that the whole purchase wouldn't have happened. I can 100% recommend him, he's reliable, honest, forward thinking, trustworthy, etc.
Norma Magri
Norma Magri
15 September 2021
Competencia.. profesionalidad..disponibilidad..
Julia Martinez Gutierrez
Julia Martinez Gutierrez
31 August 2021
Conoci a Sergio.cuando llegue a esta isla hace 5 meses y para mi marido (inmigrante) era una prioridad k le dieran su NIE. Fue una bendicion haber llegado hasta el. Nos oriento en todo y el paso la documentacion a inmigracion y hoy despues de 3 meses mi marido ya tiene su identificacion. Para nosotros ya es de total confianza.
Montse Fox Alonso
Montse Fox Alonso
31 August 2021
Teníamos un problema por un tema de un negocio, Sergio nos atendió con muchísima profesionalidad, nos miró todos los documentos y nos aconsejó de la mejor manera posible. Nos ha solucionado el problema y nos ha ayudado muchísimo. Una excelente persona y profesional. Tenemos clarísimo que en el momento que necesitemos de un abogado el será nuestra opción. Gracias por todo

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